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Selling your watch

How can I create an ad for a watch?

Putting your watch up for sale is done in 5 easy steps:

1. List your watch for free by clicking the Sell watch button in the menu.
2. Fill out the required information about your watch.
3. Upload up to 8 pictures and 1 video of your timepiece.
4. Decide how much you want to get payed.
5. If you don't have a login you will have to create one.

How much does it cost to sell on Clokka?

Listing your watch is completely free. We charge a Clokka service fee for successful sales, generally 5%, to help cover the cost of inspecting every watch and the running of the business.

I can't find my ad. When will it be activated on Clokka?

We always activate your ad within 24 hours. You will receive an email as soon as your watch is available to all our buyers.

How does the purchasing process work?

Once the buyer has completed the checkout process the money is put in a secure esquire account until the shipment has been completed. The seller put the watch in a package received from Clokka. The package is picked up by UPS. A Clokka certified partner in the buyer's home country receives the watch for close inspection. The buyer picks up the watch at the partner. The money is released to the seller. Clokka receives a service fee, generally 5%, to help cover the cost of running the business.

What is a reference number?

Every premium luxury watch has a unique reference number that indicates the model of the watch. You find this serial number engraved on the case back of almost every watch. Sometimes it is found between the lugs or even engraved on the dial. You should always find the reference number among the documents relating to the watch or in the invoice. If you have a problem locating the reference, search the internet using the brand and model to filter searches.

How can I delete my ad?

You can remove your listing anytime. Go to your profile, select the listed watch and select delete. If you want to change anything in the ad you currently have to delete and create a new ad.

How long will my ad be online?

Your ad will be published until it is sold or you choose to delete the watch.

Does Clokka buy watches directly?

No. Clokka are 100% dedicated to anonymously and safely connecting sellers with buyers of fine luxury watches.