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How can I determine the value of my watch?

With our free appraisal tool, you can instantly discover your timepiece''s current market value.

All you need is your watch''s reference number or its make and model.
You can usually find the reference number on the dial, case back, lugs, or in the watch''s papers.

Can''t find the reference number or model name?
Use the Watch Scanner in the Chrono24 app. It can recognize 15,000 watches and tell you their current market value with a single photo.

Why is it so important to have the right sales price?

Buyers are much more likely to purchase a watch with a realistic sales price.

Excessive prices scare off buyers. On the other hand, you don''t want to sell your watch for less than it''s worth.
You can learn the average sales price for your watch on Chrono24 using our free appraisal tool.

What factors affect a watch's price?

A watch''s value depends on many factors:
Is the watch in mint condition?
Does it come with its box, papers, and other accessories?
Does the watch have any intricate complications like a chronograph or perpetual calendar?
Are its components and band original?
Is the watch a limited edition?The more questions you answered "yes" to, the greater your chances are of selling your watch at a higher price.

How is the value of my watch determined?

You can discover your watch''s current market value right now using our free appraisal tool.

Our tool compares your watch with 475,000 other listings from around the world to determine its estimated market value, including an average price, as well as a price range. Prices can increase or decrease depending on the watch''s condition and whether or not it still comes with its accessories.
The appraisal tool makes calculating your watch''s current value easy, regardless of your watch knowledge.

How else can I determine the value of my watch?

You are welcome to manually search through listings on Chrono24 and analyze their prices. You could also visit a jewelry store or auction house to have your watch formally appraised.

Please note that you often get a higher sales price selling online. Prices given by local auction houses and jewelers are usually lower since they have to take their own margins into account.